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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

“We had been flirting on temperatures the whole first run in our No. 16 Majestic Steel Camaro. It was something we were keeping an eye on, but I heard a tone change in the engine. We didn’t lose power, so I assumed it was just myself getting my car in clean air. As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I lost a cylinder, and the engine blew up. I hate it for everybody that got caught up in that. There were a couple of big hits it looked like. It’s disappointing, for sure. I’m super thankful for the opportunity with Kaulig Racing – it’s just not the way we wanted it to go.” - Daniel
Start: 3rd Stage 1 Finish: 36th Stage 2 Finish: 36th Finish: 36th
“Disappointing end to our day at Talladega. We struggled to suck up to our teammates at the beginning, due to a crack in the nose, but we were able to patch it up and get close to where we needed to be. We played it pretty safe with the goal of being there at the end. Unfortunately, we got hooked into the wall, which ended our day.” - Daniel
Start: 5th Stage 1 Finish: 26th Stage 2 Finish: 22nd Finish: 34th

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