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"A Step in the Right Direction"

“This was definitely a step in the right direction with our Phoenix package. We worked on our Cirkul Chevrolet all day. At the start of the final stage, we helped the short runs tremendously. We lost a little bit of front turn, which cost us a couple spots. We had one hiccup on pit road with an untimely air hose getting hung up on the splitter, which put us back 18th or so for the next restart. I'm proud of the effort and communication." - Daniel

  • Daniel Hemric qualified third for the United Rentals 200.

  • Hemric started off strong in the first stage while learning the groove of the car. With consistent lap times and a good restart, Hemric finished the first stage in fifth place.

  • After making air pressure adjustments, Hemric improved on short runs, and charged up the field to finish third in the second stage.

  • Hemric went on to finish 10th, his second-straight top-10 finish after earning points in both stages.

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