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"A Tough Home Outing"

“It was a tough home outing for us. That was one of the better Kaulig Racing Cirkul Chevrolets we have had all year, which is encouraging. We still have a lot of work to do but I'm proud of the effort from this team. We win together and lose together, and that is big time auto racing. I appreciate the effort and look forward to doing some road course racing the next two weeks.” - Daniel

  • Daniel Hemric qualified 11th for the Alsco Uniforms 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

  • Hemric was able to quickly move up the field and into the top five, finding more speed in the middle of the track in the later laps of the stage. The red flag was displayed on lap 48 for rain. Once the race resumed, Hemric was able to keep his track position throughout the restarts and finished fourth in the opening stage.

  • At the start of stage two, Hemric fell back on the restart but was able to recover quickly. Shortly after, a loose wheel brought Hemric back down to pit road for new left-side tires. Not able to regain track position before the end of the stage, Hemric finished stage two in 32nd place.

  • In the final stage, Hemric fought a tight car early on and was never able to regain the same track position that he had earlier in the race . He pitted for fuel only with laps six laps remaining and eventually finished the race in 22nd.

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