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Building the Program

“It felt like just a solid weekend for us. We struggled a little for some speed and some balance, but I think we took a step in the right direction. That made me feel good about it. I lost some spots on one of the restarts early in the race and tried to be on the other side of aggressiveness there at the end of stage two and put myself into a hole. Thankfully, the pit crew rebounded and was on fire, just like they have been all year. We ended up getting some of our track position back with a great stop on the green-flag cycle. I’m proud of everyone on the AG1 team. I’m looking forward to having balance in racecars like that so we can continue to build on this program.” - Daniel

Start: 4th

Stage 1 Finish: 7th

Stage 2 Finish: 20th

Finish: 8th

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