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Fighting Adversity

“We definitely fought some adversity today. We lacked rear grip all day and ended up knocking a crush panel loose. Our guys did a great job on pit road to get me fixed up and back up towards the front. I’m proud of the effort from everyone on this No. 11 Cirkul team for a top-10 finish after what could have been a lot worse.” - Daniel

Start: 11th

Stage 1 Finish: 12th

Stage 2 Finish: 30th

Finish: 10th

“The lady in black was not kind to us this weekend. We got some damage early and lost quite a few laps trying to fix it. I appreciate all the hard work on pit road to get us back out there. I Thought we’d be ok, but we had some engine issues that ended our day early. We haven’t had the best luck, but we are building and learning every week.” - Daniel

Start: 24th

Stage 1 Finish: 26th

Stage 2 Finish: 32nd

Finish: 31st

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