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Not the Ideal Day

“I had high expectations going into the race. I felt like our Cirkul Chevrolet was going to have a lot of potential and had a lot of speed. I felt good inside the race car. We missed a bit of balance there in stage one, but we were still going to salvage a decent first stage. Coming to the restart zone, I had a couple interesting things happen with the throttle pedal and fuel. Then, the next thing you know, something with the fuel system caught on fire. Incredible work by the 11 team to get everything changed out and the car back on track to log some more laps. It wasn't an ideal day, but we will regroup and get ready for Sonoma.” - Daniel

  • Daniel Hemric topped the chart in group A qualifying, transferring the No. 11 Cirkul Chevrolet to the second round where he went on to qualify 10th for the Pacific Office Automation 147.

  • Hemric was able to quickly gain spots and settle in the top 10 for a majority of the first stage until he suffered a mechanical issue on lap 21 while running ninth under caution.

  • The No.11 headed to the garage for repairs. Hemric ended stage one behind the wall in 36th place.

  • Hemric spent stage two behind the wall while the team made repairs. Hemric was able to get back on track in time for the final stage.

  • Hemric continued to log laps in his No. 11 Cirkul Chevrolet and finished the race in 33rd place.

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