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“My crew chief, Jason Trinchere, and everyone on this Kaulig Racing team did a great job of grinding away on the Cirkul Chevrolet to make it as good as it was. Clean air was huge. Taking right-sides only on the last stop was important to get that clean air. It was really similar to what we did during the last race here. That kind of band-aided some of the issues we had tonight. Something might have been off on the travel, because we were really sideways at certain points. I probably couldn't be as aggressive as I wanted to throughout the last 20 laps, even with trying to hold off the No. 21 for our organization. When the dust started to settle, I thought we had the opportunity to do something special there, but we just came short.” - Daniel

  • Daniel Hemric qualified 11th for the Alsco Uniforms 250.

  • Hemric, alongside teammate Justin Haley, worked together at the start to move into the top 10. He stayed there for most of the stage as the single-file train developed up front. He stayed out during the first caution and restarted third on the inside line, but the No. 11 Cirkul Chevrolet lost grip quickly, and Hemric finished stage one in 13th.

  • Hemric pitted for four tires, fuel and adjustments to help tighten the car during the stage break. He restarted 23rd, and made his way up to 18th before a caution on lap 52. Hemric came back to pit road for an additional adjustment, and restarted 35th. The No. 11 made its way back up to 17th in seven laps before another caution came out. Hemric stayed out during this round of pit stops and finished seventh in the stage.

  • Kaulig Racing teammates Haley, Smith and Hemric started the final stage on the top row. Hemric pushed his teammates, and the three broke away to a single-file, 1-2-3 running order. Hemric held off the No. 21 with just over 10 laps remaining, keeping the Kaulig team 1-2-3. He fell back to fifth as the final yellow flag flew to force overtime. The No. 11 lined up second on the inside line. After Smith ran out of fuel coming to the green, Hemric fought through to second coming to the white flag where he finished the race.

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