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"Swung for the Fence"

“It was a good fight for everybody on the No. 11 Cirkul team today. We know we have struggled a little bit in these last couple outings at Dover. We swung for the fence with a different package and just didn’t quite key in on a couple pieces that we needed to make the overall speed. I feel like we still maximized our day for what we had and got a top-10.” - Daniel

  • Per the rulebook, Daniel Hemric started 16th in the A-Game 200, after qualifying was canceled due to inclement weather.

  • In the opening stage, Hemric' s No. 11 Cirkul Chevrolet fired off tight, which continued for the majority of the race. On the first pit stop, the team made multiple adjustments to help the handling of the No. 11 Chevy. Hemric reported that the adjustments helped a bit and went on to finish ninth in stage one.

  • Hemric started the second stage still fighting a tight-handling race car, as the No.11 crew continued to make adjustments each pit stop. He finished stage two in 11th place.

  • In the final stage, Hemric stayed in the top 10, continuing to improve on lap times and gaining track position with the help of fast pit stops. He went on to finish in 10th place.

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